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About Us

Immersive Costumed Events

Immersive Costumed Events (I.C.E.) ramps up plain vanilla event management into an entirely different sphere of existence. We combine theatrically trained thespians and intricately designed cinematic costumes, pushing the boundaries of scripted performance by stripping away the invisible barrier of the stage and blurring the lines between the viewing public and conspiratorial participant.

There's only one rule to I.C.E.: Never Break Character. The audience is swept in by the grand tableau unfolding before them, bereft of the calm assurance that there is indeed a human face beneath the monster's mask. From the safety of their everyday lives, the viewer can become an eerie eyewitness to the mad obsession of captain Ahab, break bread with a legendary efreet in fabled Arabia, join the starspanning voyage of the Nostromo as a doomed stowaway or find themselves hunted by the predatory Yautja.

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