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Our costume rental prices range from RM40 - RM400 contingent upon how much frills are included, accessories, wear and tear and popularity. Special orders can be requested subject to availability (2-3 weeks fulfillment with standard overseas freight/7 days fulfillment with premium overseas shipment).

Price List

Because we've found that each individual client will have requirements and a budget specific to their event, a detailed itinerary of the monetary value of each and every one of our services here might prove disingenous. Interested parties are encouraged to contact any of our representatives directly so we can facilitate a "what we have to offer" solution with a "does my event need I.C.E.?" dilemma. As a service to the many queries we have received, listed below is a brief sample of some of our many services:

High-end Costumed Characters (Costume + Talent)
RM800 - RM3,000 / 4 hour appearance
(e.g. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, GI Joe, Watchmen, Transformers, 'The Dark Knight' Batman*)
* These characters are subject to individual licensing issuance by local representatives of the copyright holders and prices listed here are non-inclusive of licensing fees.

Mid-end Costumed Characters (Costume + Talent)
RM400 - RM1,000 / 4 hour appearance
(e.g. Terracotta Soldiers, Hellboy, Robotech, Gundam)

Low-end Costumed Characters (Costume + Talent)
RM200 - RM800 / 4 hour appearance
(e.g. Indiana Jones, X-Men, Marvel Heroes)

High-end Professional Performers (Costume + Talent)
RM1,000 - RM3,000 / 3 hour performance
(Belly Lead Dancers, Contemporary Lead Dancers, Choreographed Lead Dancers, Stunt Performers)

Mid-end Professional Performers (Costume + Talent)
RM400 - RM800 / 3 hour performance
(e.g. Jugglers, Magicians, Contortionists, Tumblers, Clowns, Second Tier Dancers)

Background Performers (Costume + Talent)
RM200 - RM500 / day
(e.g. Soldiers, SWAT team, genre-specific crowd filler)

Please note that the above prices are provided for sampling purposes only. An official quotation from Absolut Pitch should be requested from our representatives after a formal dialogue to coordinate your event needs with our services. This may result in the prices of some services amended by a higher or lower modifier contigent upon environmental circumstances and period of contractual services rendered.